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The Year in Review
Some have asked about me and wanted to know what is happening in Pat Chen's ministry and First Love Ministries International. This will be a "Year in Review" as well as things to come, which will help you catch up to where I am presently and where I believe the Lord is leading me. This has been one of my busiest years for ministry, travel and meeting family needs on the East Coast. I still live on the West Coast in California and have a full ministry there, but I also do a great deal on the East Coast. You could call me "bi-coastal." Download full report

The Year of Fulfillment
Word for Life Conference 2011

October 5-9, 2011
Pastor Pat Chen was honored to speak at the Word For Life 2011 Conference.
Published in SpiritLed Woman
Principles for Spiritual Birthing
by Rev. Pat Chen

In this season of spiritual renewal throughout the earth, we hear a lot about travail and "birthing," particularly related to intercession. Often intercessors will experience something similar to what a woman goes through during labor and delivery when they are praying for God's purposes to be fulfilled in the earth. They are not always the carriers of the vision themselves. But those who intercede are like spiritual midwives who assist in the birthing process. Read full article
A Call to Prayer
Pray for the Gulf Oil Crisis
As we find ourselves in the midst of the greatest man-made environmental disaster in our history, the we join in prayer with those throughout the Gulf Coast and around the nation to ask for God's mercy and help. Many are facing a sense of helplessness during this ongoing crisis and we are reminded by history that our nation has turned to prayer and humility before God during challenging times. More
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